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What To Expect Working With Marcus

Marcus Menicucci goes the extra mile to make your event a success! Marcus's clients consistently say they would hire him again, and he truly adds value to each of their businesses and lives, because he made their event one of the best ever. Here’s what you can expect when you work with Marcus! Marcus Customizes his message to your needs! Marcus works from his belief that preparation is the foundation for any achievement. Before your event, Marcus:

  • Consults with you about your organization’s needs.

  • Quickly learns your critical issues.

  • Collaborates with you to create clear picture of the end result you need to achieve.

  • Customizes his message to your audience and event objectives.

Shares his business and life experience! Building on over two decades of experience! Marcus can address a wide range of topics, such as:

  • What it takes to attain the winning edge in business and life

  • Secrets of sales superstars

  • Management, leadership, relationship and teamwork

  • Positive steps to change your life

  • Perception of business and life

  • Removing Negative Patterns

  • And much more................

Envolves participants and engages them! Whether it’s a one-hour Keynote speech or an all-day Seminar, Marcus blends facts, education, inspiration, humor, passion and conviction with audience participation. Marcus understands what motivates people. Audience feedback consistently gives him top ratings for engaging attention, creating connection, and getting people involved. People come away not only energized, but equipped with real immersion techniques and the confidence to begin applying them immediately. A session with Marcus is truly an experience that will shift mind-sets, attitudes, inspire action, and help give your team the knowledge and momentum to make real changes and achieve results. Exceeds expectations! Marcus's clients consistently say he delivers beyond expectations and provides real value for the time and money invested.

(Important Booking Instructions are at the bottom of this page)

Professional Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Marcus Menicucci can speak at your event in a number of ways. Let us know if any of these Venues works for your Event, or contact us to create a special setting, event or program that will fit best for your situation!     

Keynote Address

Marcus as your Keynote Speaker is a dynamic and energetic way to begin your event or meeting to generate enthusiasm and a sense of Motivation, Inspiration, Education and Empowerment. Marcus will captivate and engage your audience with his energetic style, passion, incredible positive attitude, personal stories, entrepreneurial smarts, and with humor that will keep you laughing!

Workshops, Seminars, Trainings or Conferences

These settings can provide participants with more time and concentration to really get to know Marcus and his success programs and proven workable techniques. Marcus can work more closely and personally with a group or team of people. This is where the process of "Making Things Happen" in your participants lives, so positive change can take place individually, personally, collectively as a team, or as collaborative associates.

Internal In-house Seminars or Trainings

Bring Marcus's insightful expertise directly into the workplace for problem solving, risk and project management, team and personal morale boostingand building, positive work environment and conflict management! Marcus will teach clearer direction for you, your Management Staff, your Employees and your Vendors!

Conventions and Special Events

Marcus will deliver his high powered Inspirational and Motivational Keynote and also be available to give additional talks during your event. His expert advice, interactive presentations, proven processes and practices will inspire participants to tap deeply into their passion so they can clearly focus that energy into their personal lives for positive change, increased sales, better relationships, targeted marketing, business building, financial success, personal develpment, and life transformation!

Corporate, Leadership or Organizational Retreats

These professional or relaxed causal environments provide unprecedented opportunity for focused individual attention in the private setting of your company's top executives or your event participants. Top executives and leaders can receive insightful personal coaching with Marcus and create new levels of empowerment, inspiration, creativity and personal fulfillment in all areas of their business and lives!

Various Specific Speaking Situations

Marcus will work with you on tailoring a program for your unique Venue. For example, if your group consists of Business Owners, MLM Organizations, Sales Driven Professionals, Foundations, Physical Fitness, Sports and Weight Loss Organizations, Real Estate Agencies, Private, Corporate and Community Events, Country Clubs, County Fairs, Lodges, Resorts, Grand Openings, Fund Raisers, TV & Radio Studio Sessions, Product Promotions, Concerts, Movie's, Voice Overs, School & College Events, Cruise Lines, Ect......,  Marcus's dynamic style will bring his powerful and positive presentation that can be focused to fit your group. He will make you feel inspired, optimistic and motivated every single day to take sustain action like never before! Marcus will teach you how to raise productivity, increase sales of your products and services, see personal results, feel passionate and empowered about your work on a daily basis, create a positive work environment, move individuals into taking action and much more!

Sports, Schools, College Assemblies and Award Banquets

Marcus's Professional Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball Career will enlighten, inspire and motivate you to be all you can be in your life! His professional expertise in playing Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball, his Coaching and Managing of many other sports will engage you to go to your top performance level of your game at any age. His passion and life stories of trimuph will inspire others to get off their bench and get into their game!

Casino's, Lounges, Entertainment, Comedy and Concerts

Marcus will rock your socks off with his Guitar playing, Singing and Stand-Up Comedy acts. His EMCEE talent is a riot! His Music playing and singing style is the 60's-90's and he has the outfits to match! His Stand-Up Comedy Act is a clean, fast, edgy style that will keep your audience on the edge of your seat and laughing all night. His true life stories will motivate, inspire and empower you to take action in your own life. Marcus is a great entertainer and he will engage and captivate you!

Churches, Spiritual Centers or Revival Meetings

Marcus's Realistic, Scientific and Spiritual knowledge is a balance of Attraction, Logic, Love, Unity, Renewal and Power! Marcus engages people of all ages to take positive action in their own lives to touch others. His positive message of renewal, charity, love, hope, peace and grace will change your perception on how you think of God, yourself and others! His passion and life giving messages will transform your mind! His non-offensive approach has given him the ability and opportunity to speak in many diverse Religious and Spiritual arenas!

Booking Instructions

If you are a Meeting Planner or a Company decision maker for an upcoming Event or would like to create or schedule an Event! Let us know what your needs are!

Please Call (208) 871-0055 

Email Marcus today at:

Once you have personally contacted Marcus he will go over with you The Initial Contact Form. At that time you be asked questions over the phone to give us the general details so we will have all the correct information from you concerning your Event.

Once we have agreed together with all the terms, event, date and the financial investment for Marcus to Speak at your next Event, we will Email you the Program Agreement Form to sign!

Once you receive the Program Agreement Form, please fill out and sign the Form and mail it back to us with the Check Deposit to lock in the Event Date!

Once we receive the Program Agreement Form and Check Deposit we will Email you the Pre-Seminar/Event Questionnaire to fill out and you can scan and Email back and then Marcus will contact you concerning any other final details that may need to be worked out prior to your Event!

Mailing Address:

Marcus Menicucci International
991 Johnson Dr.
Middleton, Idaho 83644

(208) 871-0055 


About Marcus Menicucci
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