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A Partial List of Client Testimonies

Marcus is the 2014 Toastmasters International Champion Speaker. Marcus always delivers a very professional speech that motivates us all to take positive action in our lives, workplace and business. He has a very passionate and high energy approach to his speaking style that captivates and engages you thoughout his entire presentations. Marcus comes highly recommended by me and the entire District 15 Club as one of the most professional, inspirational, educational and empowering speakers we have ever seen!

Jerry K. President-Toastmasters International District 15

I was living at the River of Life and bouncing back and forth from the Sanctuary Men Shelters for over 3 years. I was introduced to Marcus in 2008 and went to hear him speak at a live Event and was amazed at the positive energy, motivation and inspiration he displayed during the entire presentation. I told Marcus that I really wanted to change my life, but didn't know how and don't have a job or money to pay you! Marcus said, I will evaluate you to see if you really want to change and then through my 501 (C) 3, I can begin to help get the Educational Materials into your hands to help you to change! After Marcus Evaluted me, he became my Life Coach for Free and his incite and resources have empowered me to change in all areas of my life. Marcus also shared his story about losing 63 lbs. in 90 days with the DVD Xtreme Burn Workout Program he created. I wanted to see if he could help me lose my 125 lbs. that I needed to lose.

Marcus introduced his Workout Program to me and in 1 year I lost 125 lbs. and I have extra strength and stamina I never had before. I am going to College now fulltime to get a Welding Degree! I have also since then purchased other products and they are life changing. Marcus and I have become great friends. He added so much value to me and helped me to take charge of my own life and changed my life for the positive and exceeded my expectations. He has empowered me to completly change the direction of my life and I am seeing measurable results from it. I have even traveled with Marcus to some of his speaking engagements and I am always amazed at his dynamic style speaking that empowers and impacts peoples lives in positive ways! I want to thank Marcus and all his 501 (C) 3 contributers for the chance to change my life!

Foster B. CEO-F.B. Enterprises  

Marcus was hired as a Consultant for a 6 month contact to help our Sales Staff teams and I was amazed at his knowledge of multiple sales techniques that he introduced that have had measurable results. He took on our Salesman that was 23rd in Sales and took him to be #1 within 6 months. Amazing! He exceeded all our expectations of what we where asking of him. His motivation and inspiration kept us engaged throughout all his presentations. Marcus is a true Entrepreanur and Infopreneanur. He lives what he speaks and his Renewal of the Mind techniques are real and transformational. He has a gift to help individuals breakthrough their limitations and direct them to hit their target destination! Amazing! I recommed you hire Marcus for your Events and as a Life Coaching Consultant!

John A. CEO-Gem State Corporation

I have known Marcus for a very long time. Marcus has Life Coached me through some very rough times throughout my life and businesses. Marcus has helped me get through 2-Divorces and job and business transitions as well. Marcus has such positive wisdom to impart to individuals and to empower you to get through anything you are going through. Marcus has been a great source of comfort and inspiration to me and my family. Marcus is a great positive Life Coach Consultant and Motivational Speaker! His educational resources are transformational!

Jon B. Enrolled Agent-TLC, Inc.

Marcus is the most energetic, dynamic, educational, motivational and informational speaker we have had the priviledge of hiring or listening to. His humor is great and he left us all in stiches! His Laughter is Good Medicine is a great CD! He is worthy of you hiring him for your Event!

Steve M. President-Hong Kong Restaurant, Inc.

I first met Marcus at the Restaurant I was a Waitress at for 16 years. Marcus asked me two questions that I pondered for a few days. What do you really want to do in life? What is your Target Goal? I said I don't know. Marcus said, really think about it this next week and I will be back in town the following week and stop by and ask you the same questions. Marcus came in and asked those same questions. I said I want to start up my own Residential and Commercial Cleaning Business. Marcus said that is great! At that point I had Marcus Life Coach me through the entire business process and the personal development he gave me to Hit My Target and within 6 months I did it. He added value to me and gave me momentium to fullfil my dream. I started my own Cleaning Business in 2013 and since then I have over 30 clients and 6 employees. Marcus believes it is never to late to change and fulfill your destiny. I would recommend Marcus to be your Life Coach for any area of your life! His expertise, patience and knowledge of multiple immersion techniques are amazing! He helped me change my destiney with his 6-Ways to De-Dramatize Your Life, Renewal of the Mind Booklet and Hit Your Target DVD!

Andrea M. CEO-Andrea's Janitorial Services

Upon hiring Marcus for the first time to come and speak to our Congregation I didn't know for sure how his message would be received, but to my amazement, Marcus was well received by all! Marcus was well studied in his subject matter and was an inspiration and an encouragement to all the peoeple with his upbeat positive messages, singing and music! His products have educated us all to live a better more positive, purposeful and productive life. We have hired Marcus on numerous occasions since then!

Moses M. Senior Pastor-Acts 2 Day Church

Marcus was our Life Coach f
or 90 days. My wife had the Divorce paperwork from her Attorney and was filing for a Divorce after 16 years of Marriage. I saw and Ad Online about Marcus's Life Coaching and it said, "If you have Marital problems I can help". I was desperate and wanted help, so I called Marcus and set an appointment. I told him my situation and he said do you still love her and will you do anything to win her back? I said yes! He then asked me for my wife's cell number and called her and persuated her not to file for the Divorce now becasue your husband is with me and wants to make the positive changes you have been waiting for and wanting from him. She said, "You have got to be kidding", I'm done?

Marcus then proceeded to remind her, that you have invested 16 years and don't just want to through it away right now! Marcus said, "Take a risk with me", and give me 90 Days or so and I promise you that your relationship will never be the same again. My wife said ok, I will take the risk. We hired Marcus and within 30 days we were now kissing and holding hands without cringing. Within 60 days we were sleeping in the same bed. Within 90 days we were making love like never before. WOW! What a change in our life. Our child, family and friends were so amazed and thankful for all Marcus has helped us with. We have referred Marcus to many other people who have needed help in many areas of their lives and businesses. Since that day over 14 years ago we are still happily married and celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary this year! Thank you Marcus!!

Mark B. Maintenance-Barrick Goldstrike Corporation

I am a Photographer for the Idaho Statesman in Boise, Idaho. I went to a Comedy Event that Marcus Menicucci-AKA "The Italian Tiger" was performing and I photographed and interviewed him after his 1 hour performance. I was amazed as he prowled around the room like a Roaming Tiger as he roled one joke after another off his tongue. He kept the audience's full attention and they were amazed with his humor. There was a wide range of ages in the audience and he sure has a rare ability to connect with them all at the same time. Wow! Amazing Inspiration! Marcus had a very intersting but stylish outfit on. He wore black pants with silver strips on them with a solid black long sleeve shirt. Marcus sure looked the part. Marcus truly is a great Comedian, Speaker and Entertainer. His DVD's and CD's are amazing! You must see him live on stage, it is truly amazing! Marcus is at the top of his game!!

Joe J. Lead Photographer-Idaho Statesman

We have hired Marcus numberous times to speak to our group and everytime Marcus is well equipped and enlightening. Marcus is an inspiration to all those he speaks to. Marcus's product and resources are great inspiration! Marcus has a unique gift to connect with everyone and he breaks things down for all to understand! Every individual learned simple ways to positively change their lives and business results! Marcus has been called upon and used many times as a Life Coach and has helped others change their lives! When you hire Marcus, he will truly have added positive value to your lives, businesses and congregation! His products are transformational!

Armondo P. President-Missionary Alliance, Inc.

I was living in the City of Light Women's Shelter. Marcus came in to speak about how we could have a better life. I want to thank all of those who have given to Marcus's 501 (C) 3 Non Profit Organization, for it has helped me transform my life! I was Life Coached Free by Marcus for over 6 months on a weekly basis and he exceeded my expectations. His expertise and immersion action techniques changed my life and my children's life. I put into practice what he taught me, received a job and then worked my way up to receive the General Managerial position at my Company. I also went to court and won custody of my children. Marcus added so much value to my life and helped me overcome my low confidence level and my self esteem issues. I have now been able to purchase some of his products and they are life changing! I am forever grateful for Marcus and all his contributers has done for my family!

Sheila C. General Manager-Subway Restaurant Corporation

Marcus has been an inspiration to all our staff employees and indivuduals at the YMCA and he has a gift to stimulate and motivate individuals to change their lives for the good and take them to the next level! Marcus has taken numberous individuals and put them on the right track to hit their weight loss goals, and helped them to make positive attitude changes which has changed their lives, families and work place! Marcus has always been at the top of our talk during Staff Meetings concerning his positive attitude and motivation to help others! Marcus's DVD Xtreme Burn Exercise Program is great for everyone and will work for you at any level you are at concerning losing weight, strength training and total body conditioning!

Doug S. President-YMCA Corporation

I am a Writer for Thrive Magazine and I had the priviledge of interviewing and writting a full featured story on Marcus Menicucci-AKA "The Italian Tiger" after his performance at the Funny Bone Comedy Club. Wow! What a performance. His humorous stories and crazy antics are professional bar none. His energy is intense, captivating and engaging. He is a great Comedian, Speaker and Motivator. His products are very educating, encouraging, motivating and positive. I look forward to seeing Marcus in a Comedy Movie in the near future!

Deanna D. Writer-Thrive Magazine

Marcus has never let me down everytime we hire him he always delivers his all and exceeds our expectations. Marcus is very professional, positive, upbeat, encouraging, educating and engaging. Marcus has changed the environment in our daily workplace in many positive ways. We all recommed hiring him for all your needs. He has a way of reaching to all individuals and helping them to work though their work challenges as well as their mental and or physical barriers! The Renewing Your Mind and Life lesson is a must to have!

Rocky L. General Branch Manger-CED Electric

I first met Marcus at the YMCA. Marcus was working with a few of his personal clients concerning their weight loss and total body workout. I was 65 lbs. overweight and asked if he could help me with my weight and that I wanted to strengthen my entire body. Marcus said, Yes I Can! He was very positve and encouraging me  and said that when I am ready and committed to doing this, that I need to believe this for myself. I then said, Yes I Can! I do believe it for myself! I am ready! Marcus led me through a few workout routines in an empty room and as I felt my body becoming stronger and feeling like I lost weight, I weighted myself at the end of that 4 day workout week and I lost 5 lbs. WOW! I was amazed at his knowledge so I then purchased his DVD Xtreme Burn Workout and in 90 days I lost 65 lbs. and extra strength. I am 55 years old and I am now at my college weight! I am forever grateful for what Marcus has inspired my to do in my life, not only with the weight loss and strength training, but the personal Motivation and Inspiration he has given to me!

Jon W. General Manager-Costco Corp. 

Marcus is a great communicator. He has the ability to reach beyond the racial barriers and touch all individuals. Marcus is well understood and accepted by my staff. His encourgaing, educating, motivating and inspiring message is bar non the best I have heard. His life stories are touching and his breakthoughs are even more enlightening!

Paul A. President-NYTC Corporation

Marcus has been my Life Coach for the last year! Marcus has helped me concerning life and busniess situations. He has helped me in countless ways to rid myself of bad negative habits. My life was in a cycle of depression and oppression. Marcus was my Life Coach and took me under his wing and restored my life, my faith in God and myself. My self-esteem and self-worth are here to stay and all my negative relationship are gone with the wind. I live a positive and productive life now. I am forever greatful for Marcus and his contributers to his 501 (C) 3 for making all this possibly for me and my family! Marcus has geniune passion for people who really want to and are in need of change! He helped my Husband to Renew his Mind and since then he has found a great job and providing for his family with a positive outlook in life! All of his products and resources are transformational!

Jade S. Lead Warehouseman-Gordmans, Inc

Marcus's speaking abilties are so versatile it always amazes me. Marcus's resources are always empowering, educating and motivating. Marcus has great knowledge of many topics in life. He is a man who truly cares for the betterment of all he comes in contact with. His positive, motivational, spiritual and enlightening messages are always inspiring to us all. His Affirmation and Confessions resources are great educational materials. He engages the audience and has us on the edge of our seats. His Life Coaching has changed my life and helped me to re-direct my life in the direction I needed to be going for my highest good. I purchased his How To Attract Your Soul Mate CD techniques and in 6 months I have attracted my future wife. I got engaged in June of 2014 and getting married in December of 2014. Marcus is the Business and Life Coach you need if you want to move forward into your future destiney. He is also the Motivational, Inspirational and Spiritual Speaker you need to hire for any event you are planning to have!

James G. Associate Director-Caldwell Christian Center

We hired Marcus to speak and entertain us for our special event. It was a joy to have him. We had a very wide range of ages from 9-75 years of age and Marcus was great. He has a nack to draw in audiences of all ages and communicate and entertain them all. He kept us all laughing with his humorous and short stories of life's bloopers. He added so much value to our Sales Staff and audience in the most positive ways. His speaking ability is smooth, clear and encouraging to all. I would recommed him for any event!

William E. Managing Director-Meridian Farmers Market 

We have hired Marcus not only to speak but to entertain. Marcus has multiple gifts and talents. His energy is amazing. He is also a Stand- Up Comedian, plays Guitar and Sings. His original music, style and approach is amazing. His stage presence is a sight to see and a must. He has natural creativity that will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seats to say the least. His Comedy DVD "My Crazy Life" is hallarious a must have. Marcus is an inspiring motivator and is an equipper of positive knowledge that will change your lives!

Jonathan W. CEO-Permanent Record Studios

Marcus has worked for us on a few occasions to present at our Home, Garden and Remodeling Shows. His abiltiy to engage the audience is amazing. He gives everyone his all. His positive passion for life, business and individuals is surpurb. Marcus has an abilty to connect with everyone and inspires them with profound yet simple applications they can do on a daily basis to change their business, lives and workplace! His Hit Your Target and Self-Talk DVD are a must to have and will transform your thinking!

Lee H. CEO-Idaho Business League

Marcus is the most professional, passionate and dynamic speaker who has inspired and motivated me, my business and my family personally to transform ourselves. Marcus is very inspiring and engaging to all audiences! I recommend all of Marcus's products for your own personal and business development!

Darrin C. CEO-Big Stick Combat

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